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  • Producing appropriate technical documentation (manuals) for IMS facilities. 

Enhancing IMS technical capability and connecting with science through workshops or forums like the ones displayed in this extranet.
The purpose of this program is to enhance IMS technical capability by

  • Developing and evaluating new systems and products which improve reliability and cost effectiveness
  • Performing feasibility and proof of concept studies.
  • Managing, developing and maintaining Software for IMS monitoring facilities.
  • Developing radionuclide noble-gas technology for IMS stations
  • Enhancing links with scientific activities beyond the PTS through liaising with Divisions in the PTS
  • Technology conferences and  workshops, conferences, preparation  of the Scientific Symposium 2011 and through the Technology foresight project.

Scientific symposiums and Conferences

Infrasound Technology Workshop

Infrasound Technical Workshops are held on annual basis (ITW 2010 in Tunisia, ITW 2009 in Brasilia, etc).

The Infrasound Technical Workshop 2011 (ITW 2011) will be held in Jordan from 30th October to 4th November. During the period of the ITW2011 there will be a one day Expert Group Meeting on Infrasound Station Performance.

Technology Foresight

Technology Foresight identifies key scientific and technological developments that could affect PTS future operations as well as to identifying projects or steps required making key scientific and technological developments available


As pointed out in O&M workshops, forums are good platforms for technical discussions to share opinions, difficulties, tips, tested solutions or debate about future enhancements among all technical stakeholders of our network. They are in fact necessary and mutually beneficial for both, PTS and network operators.
We encourage you to take part in them and contribute with your experiences. You can participate in any topic of your interest or open a new thread if needed.

Another example is the International Noble Gas Experiment (INGE forum, where experts in noble gas share publications and findings about noble gas measurements and related topics.

Conrad Observatory

The Conrad Observatory in Trafelberg, Austria, an infrasound and seismic test facility is being used as an Infrasound test facility where the portable infrasound array as well as the infrasound calibrator have been tested.

The purpose of the installation at the Observatory is to assess the efficiency of different geometries of wind noise reducing systems, to test new engineering solutions, and assess the added value derived from the co-location of infrasound and seismic sensors. The observatory is used to improve the synergy between infrasound and seismic sensors and to perform sensor comparison.


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